Workshop Abstracts

A practical approach to telehealth - Ms Vicki sheedy, ACRRM

Seven years of simulating maternity emergencies in rural and regional Victoria: sharing what works and why - Ms Bree Bulle, The Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne

A rural short course in interprofessional learning - Dr Hudson Birden, University Centre for Rural Health

Global assistance - local knowledge: challenging the tyranny of distance - Ms Emma Gibson and Dr Stewart Condon, International SOS

What factors affect medical students’ preparedness for practice during extended placements in rural and remote settings? - Dr Malcolm Moore, Broken Hill UDRH

Virtual Balint Groups: the latest and most effective way to prevent burn out in rural clinicians - Dr Emma Boulton, RVTS

Primary and mental healthcare for people in immigration detention - Dr Mark Parish and Mr Stephen Brooker, IHMS

Online Medical Education: a pragmatic approach - Mr Geoff Young, Wodonga Institute of TAFE

Helping to ‘close the gap’ through chronic disease prevention, identification and management - Mrs Kathy Ride, Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

Opening Up Training to Close the Gap - Dr Tamsin Cockayne, NTGPE

Measuring and improving cultural safety in a rural clinical school - Mr Justin Gladman, Flinders University Rural Clinical School

Launching the ROCCT-SHIP: Remote opportunities for consultation, clinical training and support for health in the Pacific - Dr Lachlan McIver, World Health Organisation

Creating, collating and curating medical education content for the web - Dr Mike Cadogan, iMeducate

Making thinking audible - the learning experiences of remotely supervised general practice registrars -
Dr Susan Wearne, GPET and Prof Tim Dornan, Maastricht University

Health Service Planning based on community health needs using rural generalists - Dr Dennis Pashen, Darling Downs Health Service

Remotely dermatological - Dr Tom Doolan, RVTS

ConnectGPR: Integrated Online Training - Dr Mark Sands, CCCT

Working together in the Bush: A short course for remote clinic teams working in the Northern Territory - Dr Jessie Johnston, NT Government

Presentation pearls for geeks and luddites - Associate Professor Victoria Brazil, Bond University

Integrating smart phones into skills acquisition - students teaching and learning in a rural clinical school - Dr Alan Pedersen, University of Newcastle

FARGP - Revised now accessable online! - Mr James Flynn, RACGP National Rural Faculty

Upskilling health professionals as educators in distributed teaching sites in rural and remote Australia - Assoc Prof Louise Young, James Cook University

One organisation three sites: Access to a combined Maternity Emergency Program at Alpine Health - Ms Kathy Evans, The Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne

Indigenous health, cross-cultural issues and reflection: Bridging the gap - Dr Bambi Ward, Mr Richard Fejo, Ms Patricia Rankine, Dr Tamsin Cockayne, NTGPE

Cultural diversity and awareness in rural and remote medical education - Dr Sonia Singh, RVTS and the Global Family Medicine Residency: Using information technology in medical education to address the global health workforce shortage - Dr Ainsley McCaskill,

A practical approach to cultural workplace safety - Dr Stephanie Trust, KAMSC

What we have learnt. Procedural workshops using systems and technology in the context of rural life - Dr Lorri Hopkins, RVTS

The use of Social Media as an educational tool for rural and remote education: A workshop showing how to access and set up learning sites within social media e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn - Dr Dennis Pashen, Darling Downs Health Service